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16 years of hospitality experience leads to best steak in town.

Nestled in the heart of Riga, Steiku Haoss is a family restaurant run by two generations. It’s the destination of choice for serious steak lovers, who are on the lookout for the finest quality meat. From steak haoss (chaos in English) to a steakhouse, the restaurant boasts a reputation for first-rate cuisine, exceptional service, and genuine hospitality.

Our story

Steiku Haoss opened its first restaurant in 2003. Ever since, the restaurant has been continuously growing and winning loyal customers and good reviews every day. Today, Steiku Haoss sets the standard for a steak dining experience in Riga. It is the perfect place to wind and unwind after a busy day at work or recharge in a laid-back atmosphere after sightseeing around Riga. Bringing more than 15 years of hospitality experience to the table, Steiku Haoss is a true gem in the city’s restaurant scene.

Aside from serving top-quality steaks, Steiku Haoss establishments in Riga stand out with a great ambience and a cowboy flair in the interior that makes the restaurant look like straight out of classic western movies from the Wild West. 

With two restaurants in Riga, Steiku Haoss is part of a major Latvian restaurant chain.

Our values

Since its beginning, the restaurant chain has opened 12 restaurants in the city. While each of its restaurants has a unique story to tell, there is a common thread and values behind the family-run business. 

A corporate culture with good old-fashioned family values at the core. This family not only runs the restaurants but has worked hard to instil values in everyone’s minds within the company and management team. The unspoken rule is, to be honest with each other, as well as uphold the tradition of putting customers and their loyalty first. Because Steiku Haoss is dedicated to providing its customers with the best dining experience possible.

One family, two generations, and love for what we do! It is very important we make Steiku Haoss feel like a family that is surrounded by dedicated, enthusiastic and talented people.

It has always been the quality and love for what we do. With more than 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we are experts in the finest quality cuisine and service.

We believe in customer loyalty and long-term relations with our staff. Being loyal to each other, the company and our customers is what makes us strong.

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